Not empty, but almost full.

It's feeling less like winter these days. The sun is up earlier and stays out later. The birds have hope in their call sounds - for worms, for bugs, for more seed in the feeders. The air is changing and the plants are ready.

The next full moon is called the Crust Moon - for the thawing during the day that turns to ice by night. It is also known as the Worm Moon - for the castings that wiggle out from the earth to feed the soil, to feed the birds and answer their calls. Tradition has it that the last full moon of March marks the end of winter.

Spring is close. We are on the cusp.

I remember a few months ago, that feeling of hunkering down, of settling in for winter really taking its hold. After a busy summer, it was a welcome, quiet reprieve. But now I am frothing for spring and the newness it brings. 

Not empty, but almost full.

Seeds for the season ahead are planted. We've been planning things for spring - new products, returning favorites and some pretty darn exciting news.  

Look for our big announcement on the full moon, the birds will be calling. 

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