holiday open house 11/23 + 11/24! tunes, treats, tree lighting, workshop, popup + more!


Last night I saw a shooting star in the black sky, a sure sign that fall and it's crisp, clear air is here. According to Samhain, these days mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker half of the year. But the term 'dark' is relative. To me, this is the time of year to settle down, to make pots of soup, to keep the fire in the stove stoked. We make plans for the holidays to visit with family + friends. We gather evergreen boughs and bring them indoors for decoration, adorning our homes with the scents and colors of the natural, green world. And the lights! Main streets + neighborhoods brighten even as the sun sets sooner thanks to the thousands of tiny lights that guide our way home.

I don't see this as entering the 'darker half'. As the year winds down, it is full of light. We are entering the time of gathering, of sharing, of being grateful as we reflect upon the year that has passed.

In my life before PWS, Thomas + I lived in Boston. I worked at an amazing shop with a group of amazing people. One of them was Kate Kellman. Back then, we were both figuring out our way, where we wanted to go, and how to get there....and now? Now, Kate runs Of Note Stationers with her friend + partner, Isabel. Their beautiful line of letterpressed cards has won Best of Boston Stationery for the past few years and they are coming to the shop!

Join us in the studio to slow down, engage with presence, and share your gratitudes through letter writing. 

Sign up for this Saturday afternoon workshop here.

In more workshop news: December fire cider class is now LIVE! The Oct + Nov classes sold out quickly, so don't wait to grab your seat at the workshop table.

Want to make fire cider on your own? Check out this recipe in The Botanical Bible, a comprehensive reference book arranged to help you design, grow, and celebrate your own inspired version of the botanical world.


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