MAKE: salt preserved herbs

My garden has been a bit neglected this season. With the busyness of summer and opening the shop, time in the garden didn't come easy. And yet, the herbs didn't seem to mind. The sage and thyme have flourished, and my rosemary is looking (and smelling) strong. 

So it's harvest time. Thanks to this simple recipe, found in one of my favorite books , I can preserve that fresh summery, herb taste for the dark days of winter. 

Simply harvest your fresh herbs (about 15- 20 stems), rinse in cold water and allow them to dry thoroughly. Destem and chop the leaves. Add 2/3 cup coarse sea salt and continue to chop and incorporate your herbs into the mixture. Place in an airtight jar and keep in the fridge. Use as a salt rub or marinade on meat and veggies. Delicious baked into breads or folded in scrambled eggs. Whisk together with O + V for a fragrant, delicious salad dressing. Use cilantro and parsley to create a blend for chili and guacamole, or a blend of oregano, savory, thyme and then some to create your own Herbes de Provence.

Possibilities = endless.  

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