Here we are: at the edge of the New Year, the past behind us, made up of memories that inform our choices, our hearts and hands. Time and how it moves through our minds is relative, but we can all agree there never seems to be enough of it in the moment - like these - where the ocean is so mighty you forget to breathe. Where you are so small, humbled by the pulse of the earth as it rumbles through your bones. Where you are invigorated by the salt spray moving over your skin and the giant smiles of the company you keep. There are no words needed, it is a collective appreciation, a shared reverence.

So here I am: at the edge of a past that moved a bit too quickly. Regrets dot the landscape behind me: shoulda, coulda, woulda. But the wind and the rain and the passing of the seasons has whittled them down; time on my side, you could say. Accomplishments are there too, in the canopy of trees. They’ve grown tall, thanks to the love and support given to me throughout the year, the hearts and hands from near and far that have tended to their growth.

I look ahead - grateful for the view and this beautiful place I call home, thankful + so very full of love for those by my side and in my life. Yet I struggle with the right words to convey this. What words hold enough weight? This feeling is an ocean in my heart, a vast, open sky full of night stars shining; from this space in me, I thank you.

Wishing you + yours a wonderful year ahead.