News from the shop

Hello friends -
I’m writing to you from a new place in the world; we now live on the other side of a significant mark on our timeline. Things look shaky ahead.

And yet, there is light in all of this. We are reaching out in new ways and learning new tools to make connections. We are reading + writing more, making art, starting seeds. We are grateful for the folks who are out at the front lines fighting this massive war and its tiny, molecular enemy. We remain isolated but involved. This disconnection from the machine allows for a reconnection with nature. We have seen communities show support from near and far; I am grateful for yours as we navigate these new waters together.

Some news from the shop: Although I’ll be closed for a bit, the online shop is up and running; more goods will be added within the next few weeks. Classes through June have been postponed, but you can expect a new online platform for workshops + learning soon.

If you’re looking to get creative in the meantime, head to MAKE IT on the site for plant-project tutorials like dyeing with indigo, making fire cider, and my tried + true recipe for herbal salve.

I've also introduced a CSA-style membership program that sends flowers and herbs grown in my Cape Cod garden directly to you, anywhere, along with project ideas and instructions. Head here for more info. 

But I’d also like to hear from you: what do you want to learn and how can we share this exploration? I will miss the questions, inspiration, and energy you brought to the studio. Let’s keep this conversation, this connection between people + plants going. 

be well.