Low winter sun. There is something about these three words strung together that I find really beautiful. Maybe it's that I reflect on December's stunning sunsets and rises, or how our shadows lay long and tall beside us, stretched out like branches reaching to the sky. It is the best time of year for woods walks; hard to distinguish your shadow from the trees, they are one in the same.I've never been one to dread winter as it approaches. We move inward. There are fires in the stove morning + night. We have permission to slow down, to let things just be, to watch the low winter sun do its dance across the sky.  - Winter solstice + the last full moon...

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It is happening

I'm over the moon to finally let you in on the news! Later this month, I will open the doors of PLANT WORK SHOP in Orleans, MA. The workspace will house our studio where I'll produce my line of handmade herbal products. (looking for Cedar Salve? It's coming soon!) This space will also host classes taught by artists, teachers, farmers and more.  The curated garden and kitchen shop will feature growers and makers from across the country who have perfect their craft.Especially exciting are the plants! I'm working with a local farmer on Cape who is growing a selection plants for the shop opening: cooking and medicinal herbs, as well as easy-to-grow, native pollinators.  And FLOWERS! The shop will showcase cut flowers +...

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Planting by the moon and stars.

  Our moon holds order over the tides in the sea, but the same goes for the water in the ground. Each tiny molecule found in the soil rises to the surface when the moon calls - just like the ones in the ocean. As both logic + tradition would dictate, this is an optimum time for planting.  Learn more about moon planting with this tote featuring moon phase and astrological sign information. Use a moon calendar for the current phase and moon sign, then determine what tasks should be done in the garden. For instance, if the moon is in the first quarter in Libra, it's a good time to seed or transplant flowers. However, if a Leo moon...

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