You've placed orders, you've sent notes and hellos, and some of you are now PWS|CSA members. For your continued support of my garden pursuits and botanical endeavors during these scary weird times, I am ever grateful. 

The shop has been dark for a few weeks now, and like most, I've been working from home, keeping myself creatively motivated and getting the garden primed for a bountiful year. I am fortunate and thankful to be able to make and create from within the comfort and safety of the place I love. These are like the old days when I worked between my home studio and the garden. 

But things are also nothing like the old days. 

So it was both a terribly difficult yet easy decision to move out of the shop and back into my home studio for good. I could fill this newsletter with many words on how I felt, but you can probably guess disappointment was front and center. I lived in that for a bit - but now I’m on the other side of the fence and feeling ready for this new chapter.

My home studio is coming along nicely. I’ve been busy setting things up (ahhh, the therapy that comes from organizing!) and am excited to share my space + garden here on Cape Cod with you soon. 

Look for new goods to come out of the garden once the harvesting begins: a healing skin oil and salve made from what I grow and just a few gentle ingredients - no essential oils. Going forward, these will be the only PWS skin-care products available, as I’ll be simplifying the collection. Save big on the 2019 collection!  

In addition to medicinal flowers like calendula and chamomile, much of the garden this year is dedicated to dye plants: shades of yellow and olive green from goldenrod, orange and deep brown from coreopsis and marigold, blue from indigo - with a few pops of pinks and purples in between.

I’ll be exploring new textile patterns, colors, and concepts with these plants, along with my friend, Marie of Emerald Acre; we’ve got some exciting projects in the works to share with you. 

So this isn’t the end, Friends. Things are just beginning to bloom and there’s a long season of growing ahead.