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September begins.

Cool nights, warm days lately. Each morning, everything is covered with dew; the night weighs heavy on the leaves until sunlight cooks it off. The garden is quiet in sound but loud with color. I'm looking forward to fall but at the same time, dreading the last of how green everything will be until next spring.  --- Head clearing pond visit. Wellfleet, MA.  --- I opened the back door the other day the same moment a Cooper's hawk flew into a nearby tree. I stood perfectly still and watched. The bird did the same until he flew off - flap, flap, glide - like they're known to do. I ran to follow but lost him somewhere in the roofline, treeline, skyline....

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Today the wind blows strong, leaves and branches doing a topsy turvy dance. But the sun is out and the sky is clear and crisp. We've seen hawks lately, Thomas and I, out above the bay as they search for small things below. Lazily, they sway, circling and crying out to one another through the air up there.  --- Things from the backyard: a big, beautiful black swallowtail caterpillar living in some fennel, mighty mullein at dusk, cat's eyes, eggplants and echinacea. --- The Dooryard's last day is 9/8!

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