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This indigo extract is Global Organic Textile Standard certified (GOTS) and yields a  rich, dark blue. Kit will dye about 2lbs of fabric a dark blue color. Adjust recipe according to weight of fabric and desired depth of color. 

Kit includes:
50g organic indigo
100g of calcium hydroxide
150g of fructose powder 
detailed instructions and techniques for dyeing with indigo

Vat recipe/instructions from Botanical Colors and natural textile dyer, Michel Garcia. His technique is based on the traditional indigo vats of India, Morocco, and Provence that rely on a chemical process called reduction: excess oxygen is removed from the vat using a mineral alkali (calcium hydroxide, or slacked lime) and a natural reducing agent (fruit sugar, or fructose powder). This reduction separates the indigo molecule, where it can then attach + bond to fabric.