WORKSHOP: personal tarot 3/27

WORKSHOP: personal tarot 3/27

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Join us in the studio with Sara Moran, MPS, LCAT, ATR-BC of Cape Cod Art Therapy to create your personal tarot card. From Sara: Our personal journey consists of archetypes.  These archetypes are the stories, memories, themes, and characters that reside in our psyche.  They hold valuable information.  They can be a guide, a protector, a warrior, a temptress, or all the above.  Certain archetypes will present, at certain times. 

The twenty-two major arcana of the tarot have been described as having archetypal significance.  They can be seen as a journey into the psyche.

In this workshop, we will create personal tarot cards highlighting an archetype that we want to call forth, or bring to light. 

Workshop to include: guided imagery exercise, presentation of information related to archetypes and Jungian psychology, and time for art-making.  There will be enough structure and direction for individuals with hesitance around making art.

Wednesday, 3/27