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7/31 - WORKSHOP: Paper Marbling with Odette Press

tickets available HERE

Join Baltimore-based artist and facilitator Kelly Laughlin for a creative and meditative evening of exploring the paper marbling process. Suminagashi, the Japanese form of paper marbling, means "floating ink" or "spilled ink," and in this class, you'll suspend colorful inks on the surface of the water to create unique marbled designs.

We'll discuss the history of the process, how paper marbling and creativity in general can help us connect to ourselves and nature, and you'll walk away with a collection of hand marbled papers to use as stationery, to frame, to give as gifts, or to keep as a reminder of your own creativity!

All materials for class are provided including inks, brushes, and a variety of size and textured papers. You only need to bring a willingness to be inspired and explore the process! This class is perfect for anyone with an interest in living life more creatively. Paper marbling is perfect for beginners just starting to dip into the creative waters.

Wednesday, July 31
5:30 - 7:30


8/3 - WORKSHOP: bookbinding gratitute journals with Odette Press

tickets available HERE

Join Kelly Laughlin of Odette Press for an afternoon of bookbinding, reflection, and meditation. How can gratitude writing shift our focus and bring more clarity and joy into our lives? In this class, we'll explore gratitude meditation, the how-to's of bookbinding, and the benefits of a daily writing practice -- three amazing tools we can use to stay grounded on the path of self-discovery.

We'll start class with a guided gratitude visualization exercise and you'll be lead through the creation of two gratitude journals. You'll walk away with two hand-bound gratitude notebooks, a toolkit for making journals outside of class, and the knowledge of how to embark on your daily gratitude journaling practice at home -- perfect for staying clear and grounded within the day to day of our busy lives. We'll talk about how making time and space for even just a few minutes of writing or drawing per day can infuse your life with clarity and ease.

Ticket price includes all materials needed to make two notebooks, along with a tool kit for creating your own journals at home. This class is perfect for anyone who is interested in bookbinding, writing, meditation, or simply learning more about contemplative practices.

If you've signed up for Paper Marbling, too, bring your marbled papers use for Gratitude Journal covers and show off your beautiful designs!

Saturday, August 3
2 - 4