There are legends that witches used the long, tall stalks of mullein (Verbascum) as torches. Once the flowers were spent and the plant went from green to brown, the stalk was cut and dipped in tallow. Its burn would light their way. 

Last year in the studio, we dipped stalks in beeswax from old candles I'd been saving. I lined an aluminum foil box with foil - covering the corners and edges completely - while the candles melted in a double boiler. We placed a taper in the box while slowly pouring the melted beeswax over the tip, turning the taper and covering it with the wax. Once it hardens completely, (ideally overnight) go outside, light the tip and let it burn! But USE CAUTION! This will burn like crazy and wax will drip. Create a safe space to burn. It's best near a campfire, the beach - or somewhere you can extinguish it easily.