PAAM 12x12 Exhibition + Silent Auction

Every summer, Provincetown Art Association + Museum members sell their artwork in The Members’ 12×12 Exhibition and Silent Auction, one of their biggest fundraisers of the year.

Bidding starts at $125 for all pieces, and climbs by demand until the final seconds of the online silent auction on 9/25 at 2pm. Sales are split 50/50 between the artist and PAAM and some artists even elect to donate their commission back to us, making them “100% to PAAM Artists.” Bidders know that they’re supporting not only living, working artists, but also the anchor of the Provincetown art colony.

Use this link to view or bid on my submission.
I’ve chosen to donate my commission to PAAM.---
Everything Counts in Large Amounts (The Grabbing Hands Grab All They Can)
12” x 12”

I painted this piece with oak gall and indigo paints that I made. Oak galls or oak apples are small round growths that form on the branches of oak trees where a wasp has laid her eggs. The galls protect the wasp during their season of growth, falling to the ground once the wasp has left. Used in ink-making recipes as far back as the Roman Empire, iron gall ink was used for transcribing documents and manuscripts throughout history.

The indigo paint was made using the ‘flower’ of my 20 gallon indigo dyeing vat. Each time the vat is stirred, a cluster of bubbles forms on top of the surface, called the ‘flower’ or the ‘mother’. This foamy cluster contains lots and lots of pigment and can be scooped off, mixed with a little gum arabic, and applied to paper or canvas.