Exploring Natural Dyes + Pigments
July 31 + August 1
at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill 
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Learn how to extract a palette of colors from plants found in the surrounding landscape.

Natural dyes from plants have been used for thousands of years - as function, as art, as a means to connect. These colors tell stories, histories woven within fabrics like words written in a book. The plants play their part too - where they came from, how they were grown, used and revered.

In this hands-on, two-day workshop, we will explore color from place through natural dyes and pigments. We’ll walk the grounds of Edgewood Farm, discussing plants and their color possibilities, as well as the history of natural dyes and how you can easily incorporate some of these ancient practices to give new life to clothing and fabrics.

Accessible to both beginners to natural dyeing or those with experience, this workshop will focus on multi-purposing the dye bath: creating a range of colors from a single dye bath, recycling the dye bath into dried pigment for paints, and bundle dyeing/eco-printing with the leftover plant materials. At the end of class, compile your fabric and paint swatches, pressed leaves and flowers into fieldnotes - a record of the journey through color.

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