WORKSHOP: witch hazel 4/10

WORKSHOP: witch hazel 4/10

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Hamamelis virginiana - Also known as Common Witch Hazel, Winterbloom, Snapping Hazelnut, Spotted Alder. Hamamelis is a name applied to a tree which blossoms at the same time as the apple tree.

Its leaves and bark contain tannic and gallic acids, natural antioxidants produced to protect its inner tissues. It was used for treatment of pain and swelling in traditional medicine. It has astringent, anodyne, sedative, and tonic properties. 

Witch hazel was (and still is) used as a divining rod to find underground sources of water.

In this workshop, we will learn about the interesting history of witch hazel, how to grow + care for it, and how to make medicine from it. We will create a healing skin toner from the bark. Use it as a liniment for sore muscles, as a natural deodorant, to soothe irritations, bites and more. In addition to learning about the plant and its growing needs, you'll leave with an 8oz. jar of toner and the recipe to create your own. This recipe can be translated to create other plant-based liniments and tinctures for your herbal medicine cabinet. 

Wednesday, 4/10